Glorious Labor

Happy Labor Day Friends,

Thank you to all of the hard-working people in our country that make it run as smoothly as possible. Everyone from the stay at home moms to CEOs of our favorite grocery shops to the school janitors…THANK YOU! Our social and economic achievements have made us one of the best countries to live in. Despite the bad, we as a country has done great things for our families that I personally will always be grateful for.

Yesterday, I was reading Philippians 3:12b:

“…I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me.”

Paul is speaking to us about pursuing the life that Jesus has waiting for us in heaven, here on earth. A Christ-like life that should be a goal that’s pursued, and not a mere moment of achievement.

Celebrating Labor Day is a great way to pat ourselves on the back for being hard-working Americans, but the real celebration starts when we get to heaven to acknowledge the labor we’ve done on Earth for the glory of God.

I pray you all had a wonderful day and I pray that you felt Gods presence in your heart. Please pray for one another. I love you all.

Kicking back is that much sweeter when you’ve earned it. – Caroline Picard

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