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Do You Have High Self-Worth or High Self-Esteem?

Hello Friends,

Yesterday, I gave an example of how I struggle with self-worth (click HERE). Many people do not realize that there is a difference between self-worth and self-esteem. Self-esteem is how much you THINK you’re worth, while self-worth is what you are ACTUALLY worth.

The world will trick you into believing that self-esteem is more important than self-worth. Self-esteem is measured by what you have financially, economically, socially, and physically. While self-worth is measured by the fact that God sacrificed his only son so that we can be saved from eternal damnation.

Let’s go over the facts…

God created everything (Genesis 1)…

God created man to rule over all creatures of the earth (Genesis 1:26)

God provides food and water for all plants and animals on earth (Psalm 147:8-9) We see proof of this everytime we walk outside and hear birds chirping, leaves blowing in the wind, grass sprouting in our front yards, and sunrise/sunsets.

If he loves even the smallest creatures enough to provide food for them to survive, then can you imagine how much he loves the creatures that he put in charge of said small plants and animals? He even loves those ugly bugs that you see in the seal of your window during the summer months.

It shouldn’t matter what others think of us because the world has a bad habit of lowering our self-esteem in order to make itself feel better. For some reason, people only feel better about themselves when others feel worse about themselves. It’s a paradox that has us stuck in a cruel cycle.

Here are ways that you can FIND YOUR SELF WORTH

  • Know your strengths and weakness
    • What comes easily to you?
    • What would you like to do?
  • Become more aware of yourself
    • remove distractions
    • stop comparing yourself to other people
    • try to face the hard truths about yourself
  • Be courageous
    • face your fears
    • be honest about your likes/dislikes
    • find what motivates you/discourages you
  • Learn and reflect on your past and present mistakes to make a better future
    • understand that self-awareness is a lifelong journey
    • ask yourself-
      • What happened?
      • What could I have done better?
      • Where did I go wrong?
      • Where did I go right?
      • What I can do better next time?
  • Try new things
    • embrace the word “yes”
    • go outside of your comfort zone

Find the oppurtunities that exist. Create the ones that don’t

  • Use all of your available resources
    • internet
    • textbooks
  • Improve yourself by investing in yourself
  • Think, Reflect, Accept, Action
  • Ask yourself- What’s affecting your awareness of self-worth?
  • Avoid negative thoughts
    • Retrain your thoughts
    • See yourself as God sees you
  • Connect with other positive people
    • join a small or large group
  • Create attainable goals:
    • Check them off one by one
    • It doesn’t matter how big of a step you take, as long as it’s in the right direction

Thank you all for reading my thoughts. I pray that each and every one of you allow God to show you His awesome love so you can know that you are more than worthy of it. Please remember to pray for one another and I pray that you are having a wonderful start to your Tuesday.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. -Psalm 139:14

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22 comments on “Do You Have High Self-Worth or High Self-Esteem?

  1. Your posts always fills me with positivity!
    Loads of Love 💕

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  2. I was one of those unaware of the difference clearly… Haha. That long list in the end was a healthy dose of encouragement… Thank you so much.

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  3. great, great post, Ashley. Love the advice given, it is so easy at times, with everything that’s going on in our lives, to remember that we are worth it 🙂 🙂 Praise the Lord for His faithfulness

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  4. Such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!❤️

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I glad that you enjoyed it. It is always my pleasure to share Gods words. I pray you are having a wonderful day. Hugs and love your way.


  5. Great post! This was so positive!
    Thank you!

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  6. Thank you Ashley, this is very encouraging ❤

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  7. LaTonya Rucker

    This was a pleasure to read. Very positive message we all need to read this. Keep it up sis❤❤

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  8. Great explanation indeed. I’ve learnt something new through this post about self esteem and self worth!! God bless you and continue to shine for Jesus!!! ❤

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  9. Wonderful post…Thought provoking indeed

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