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Hello All!

Today for Funny Friday, we are going to switch it up a little. A few years ago, I was introduced to Chuck Norris jokes. For my international friends, Chuck Norris s an American martial artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. He has starred in action classics, such as The Hitman, The Delta Force, and Walker: Texas Ranger. 

Honestly, I am not a huge Chuck Norris fan, but I think the jokes about Chuck Norris are hilarious. So, sit back and enjoy. I hope you find them as ridiculously funny as I do.

flashyadmirablegar-size_restricted1. Chuck Norris and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.


2. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he had three missed calls from Chuck Norris.


3. Chuck Norris can blow bubbles with beef jerky.


4. Chuck Norris has a bear skin rug in his front room. It’s not dead, it’s just too scared to move.


5. A Black Mamba once bit Chuck Norris. After three days of excruciating pain, the Black Mamba died.


Thank you all for reading. Have a wonderful rest of your Friday (or Saturday for my international readers). Let me know if you like Chuck Norris jokes. I have plenty more to share! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Funny Fridays

  1. I love Chuck Norris jokes. At one point he owned a martial arts school in Huntington West Virginia. (He and Danny Lang). Chuck would come in twice a year to look things over. I only got to meet him once but he’s a very nice and humble man. (He loves the jokes BTW)

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