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Blogging With Depression


Since I could remember, writing has always been a liberating experience for me. It has gotten me away from the harsh realities of my current situation. Growing up wasn’t easy, but I see now that those experiences are guiding me to where I am supposed to be and who I am supposed to be. Without the joys of writing, I wouldn’t have made it out alive. As a small child without a voice, I was able to use my ability to transform characters into letters, letters into words, words into feelings, to give me the chance to dance, sing, and dream.

Depression has the ability to take away what you love the most. Its desire to feed on your negative energy is insatiable. I will admit for a long time, I allowed depression to convince me that writing was something I wasn’t good at and that it wasn’t a goal that I should pursue. So, I stopped. I would wake up every day feeling like I was missing a part of me. After a while, I stopped noticing.

Eventually, I couldn’t deny my love for writing anymore. That’s why, when I was at my lowest and weakest, I started to blog. It has been a long process. Back then, I was posting maybe once a week. Sometimes, a few weeks would go by before I posted again. Most instances, it would take me up to three days to write out one post, but I chose to push forward and continue to write. Now, I am able to share with you guys three times a week, consistently. Truthfully, I’m really proud of myself. I set goals and I’m meeting them. You guys have been really supportive and wonderful. I’ve met beautiful souls on here and I look forward to meeting many more.

So I want to share with you tips on how to get through blogging while living with depression:

  1. Set small goals: Set goals that won’t make you feel overwhelmed if you don’t accomplish them. Set realistic goals that are attainable. Once you are consistent with those goals, then add another one.
  2. Slowly increase your goals: Add one goal at a time. For me, I wanted things to get better right away, but I had to be patient. I would feel so overwhelmed and stressed. We have to build ourselves up to it. Small steps always lead to bigger steps.
  3. If you feel overwhelmed, take a step back: It’s ok to take a step back. It doesn’t mean you are giving up, it just means you need a break.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up: If you don’t meet a goal, don’t beat yourself up. If you don’t get any comments or likes, don’t beat yourself up. Blogging is a form of expression. I noticed, most bloggers are blogging more so for themselves than their readers. I am. Here we can have a voice. Whether one person reads it or one hundred, you’re voice will forever ring throughout the universe.
  5. Do not compare yourself to other bloggers: This will stress you out. Seriously, depression will convince you that other people are better than you, but it’s not true. Everyone has their own journey that they are on. You are on yours. I truly believe that everyone serves a purpose. There is so much information and diversity at our fingertips. I feel like I am supposed to blog about my life. Others may feel they are called to blog about recipes or traveling. So, you should blog about whatever is in your heart and let the universe take care of the rest.
  6. Know your limits and your triggers: *Deep sigh* This one is a stuff one for me. I recently came across a blog post that basically said that women who dress provocatively are asking to be raped. This was a instant trigger for me as a strongly disagree with this statement. As a woman, I felt it was my responsibility to disagree with him, in a respectful manner of course and then I unfollowed him. Its kind of funny because he later asked me and another fellow blogger to unfollow him because she agreed with my comment. Anyway, because his blog was a trigger for me, so I chose to unfollow. He has a great blog and I wish him the best.
  7. Write from your heart: I like to say, “write down whatever is on your mental.” Meaning, blog about whatever you are thinking about. If you can’t think of anything, blog about how you feel, what you read that day, what you watched online, the strange neighbor, just write! It’ll kick depression slowly down the drain each time you express yourself. It’ll help defeat the darkness and deception.

It can be difficult but remember it’s not impossible. Each step we take is a step worth celebrating.

Remember, you are loved. You are beautiful. You are wonderfully made.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~John Wooden



55 comments on “Blogging With Depression

  1. Reblogged this on A Sagittarian Seeker and commented:
    I hope every one of my friends who is depressed, or knows someone who is depressed, takes heed of the last section of this post.

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  2. Fantastic post. I have reblogged this and also shared on Facebook. Winter is a hard time for the depressed.

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  3. Hello. I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. You can play if you want or not. It’s your choice. For instructions, check this.

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  4. ‘Write from your heart’ is definitely the most important one 🙂 Everyone will see if it’s not honest anyways.

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  5. I can relate so well to your writing experience. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  6. I like number 4
    Good post

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  7. Hey — you’re up for a Mystery Blogger Award 🙂

    Connect here:


    E-see you around!

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  8. much wisdom here 🙂

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  9. Being yourself and not comparing yourself to other bloggers are essential in allowing you to express who you are. we are part of a universe and someone will connect with the truth you share. Thank you for this post.

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  10. Some really meaningful words up there.Very well expressed.

    As for Depression , I myself have suffered depression for a substantial period.By God’s Grace, I eventually came out of it and so for all my friends experiencing any sort of depression , I just want to say that Sometimes, we think that we have been buried when actually we have been planted .This I learnt after having won over a chronic disease after years of struggle.we just need to hold on a little longer, just never give up.

    I would like to share my complete story here , how I battled with an incurable disease.I wish It helps at least 1 needy person out here.Here’s the story (Not a sad one I promise 🙂 ) https://the-passport-souls.travel.blog/2017/09/04/how-i-tamed-a-monster-called-vitiligo-just-never-give-up/

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  11. I have to say that out there there are many “how to blog post” but this cover it all with heart ❤️… thanks

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  14. So glad you were able to push aside self defeating thoughts and write. It has certainly been a liberating experience for me to begin blogging as well. You obviously touch so many here so thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

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  16. Lovely post … thanks for sharing. I like your tips, they help. 😄😄

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  17. Stunning picture… it adds such tenderness to your words! ❤

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  18. Wonderful and inspiring post. You have definitely written from your heart.

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  19. You are amazing. Thank u it’s so hard to motivate myself but when I write … I transcend and I remember my love … writing

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  20. I needed this today. It helped.

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  23. Very inspirational post, especially #5. Right now I’m reading various posts on depression, seeing what other people’s blogs look like. And as a new blogger everyone else seems so polished, and looks like they know exactly what they’re doing. Trying to slow down and remind myself that I’ll get there in time. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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